PRCI, founded in 1984 and specializing in the manufacture and sale of tools for the installation of tiles and plumbing products , launches its e-commerce site
Action Bricolage allows the company to offer, on line the, range of tools of its different brands


Well known in the world of artisans, La Carrelette® does not represent all manual tile cutters as one might think but a particular model created by PRCI.
The "term" is regularly misused as a name given to tile cutters in general, but it must be known that it is actually a registered trademark owned by PRCl.
To learn more about the story of La Carrelette®, check out our blog article here.


Tomecanic Bénetière® specializes in tools for laying tiles.
Founded in France in 1961, TOMECANIC® was the first company to offer a full range of tiling tools to French dealers and distributors.
The brand has successfully developed its business by providing very innovative products such as earthenware cutters, the clever interior tile cutting system or the special mosaic tile cutter.
However, its greatest success is unmistakably its range of manual tile cutters, with its very high-end model labelled SUPERCOUP® manufactured in France and sold all over the world.


Homelux® est spécialisée dans la fabrication de profilés et produits d'étanchéité. La marque propose tout une gamme de produits pour réaliser l'étanchéité et les finitions de travaux de pose de carrelage. Since 2004, PRCI has been the French subsidiary of the American group QEP, the WORLDWIDE LEADER in tooling installation of floor coverings.
PRCI therefore offers its customers the advantages of being close to an SME while ensuring the strength and stability of a leading global group in its category.

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