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At the moment, the Handi Vice, a patented and clever all round portable vice is only 19 Euros.


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What's new at Action Bricolage

Action Bricolage is an online business specializing in the distribution of accessories, spare parts and tools for laying tiles and for plumbing work. Launched by PRCI, we only offer professional quality products, including products from the PRCI, La Carrelette, Tomecanic Bénetière and Homelux brands. And we're dedicated to meeting the needs of all DIY and plumbing professionals. We already provide you with everything you need to do your job and we keep releasing new products to give you complete satisfaction.

The Open Pack box of 70 sachets of 250 1 mm long braces

One of the new products at Action Bricolage at the moment is the Open Pack box of 70 bags of 250 1mm long braces. It is an essential product for even tile spacing. It allows for uniform joints and has a good thickness to ensure easy installation. The size of the braces is perfectly suited to joints and tiles of varying sizes. In fact, these Pro cross braces come with 12mm, 10 mm and 8 mm wings.

The long rubber wood squeegee 180 mm

In addition to the Pro braces, you can also find the 180 mm long rubber wood squeegee in the "New products" section of Action Bricolage. It is the ideal tool for pouring and cleaning joints. It is especially recommended for small areas and narrow joints and is made from an ultra resistant material including a wooden frame and a black rubber body.

Furthermore, it should be noted that many other squeegees are available at Action Bricolage, citing only the black hard rubber squeegee with long wood frame 200 mm, the black hard rubber squeegee with long wood frame 300 mm, the double foam wood squeegee 440 mm for tile joints and the 300 mm rubber and wood squeegee for tile joints. Then, it is also possible to find more original models such as wood and red rubber 450 mm squeegee for tile joints, industrial metal squeegee 550 mm for tile joints and double foam metal squeegee 600 mm for tile joints. Finally, do not forget the tiler installation kit for floors and walls consisting of a V-toothed half-moon glue comb, a U-toothed half-moon glue comb and a black rubber wood squeegee, with a length of 18 cm.

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