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Useful and inexpensive tools for your plumbing jobs

At Action Bricolage, there is everything to satisfy you! You can actually order from us everything you need to do your DIY and plumbing jobs. We provide you with a complete catalog of tools and spare parts to equip you well. And if you cannot find what you are looking for in the different sections, you can consult the "Others" tab.

The metal tube cleaner

One of the interesting plumbing tools that you can acquire from Action Bricolage is the metal pipe cleaner. This is the best solution for cleaning the inner and outer ends of your copper tubing. It can simplify your tasks while ensuring efficiency and cleanliness. In addition, it is of better quality and it is inexpensive. With its lightweight plastic body and its capacity of 1.27 to 1.91 in diameter, this PRCI tube cleaner can be considered as 4 in 1 tubes and it is offered for only 6.95 euros.

The tap lapper with 3 cutters

The other product to be lifted is the tap lapper with 3 cutters of 13, 15 and 17 mm in diameter. It is the ideal tool for readjusting the seat of your faucets, for repairing them on the spot and for removing limescale. It restores a flat reach to the valve seats and it is also one of the professional quality tools. Its price on the platform is set at only 14.50 euros. This allows you to maintain your faucets at a lower cost.

The patented Handi Vice all-terrain portable vice

Besides the metal tube cleaner and the faucet launcher, other useful and inexpensive plumbing tools are also available in the "Other" section of Action Bricolage. This is precisely the case with the Handi Vice, a patented all-terrain portable vice that cuts, saws and drills different materials. It is the perfect equipment to avoid heavy and bulky conventional vices. It weighs only 0.518 kg and it can accompany you anywhere, wherever you work: on the site, in your workshop, at home, ... It can also save you considerable time and it does not require any established or installed. You just have to put it on a stable and solid surface, and voila! In terms of price, the Handi vice clever vice costs only 29.00 euros on the platform. So you can do your plumbing work without spending too much money.

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