Other Tiling Tools

If you did not find the tool for laying the tiles you need in the other sections?

Discover here the Handi-Vice, a patented portable all-terrain clamp for cutting, sawing, drilling on any surface and anywhere without any installation required.

Also find our PRCI slab holder, so that the slabs and large tiles become easier to handle and

our double gripping suctioncup for a more precise installation during your tiling work.

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Tools essential for laying tiles

To lay tiles, you need different materials and tools. In fact, it is a matter of professionals which can only be carried out with specific measuring and tracing tools, materials for gluing and for the actual installation, cutting materials and also materials for joints. But it's not just these, you're going to need the following materials as well.

A slab holder capacity 300 to 500 mm

To easily handle slabs and large tiles, you need to invest in a 300 to 500 mm capacity slab holder. It is the ideal tool for a more precise installation during your tiling work. It offers an adjustable length and it allows you to lay your tiles like a pro.

A tiler's bat

To distribute the glue under the tile, you can strike it with a tiler bat. This tool allows the ceramic to be leveled during installation and it is equipped with a rubber sole that absorbs and distributes shocks. It measures 400 x 145 mm and it is of good quality.

A gripping suction cup

To precisely lift and position your tiles, you also need a suction cup. This tool offers a maximum lifting capacity of 25 kg and it has a large plastic handle for added comfort. It measures 115mm in diameter and is suitable even for objects with a smooth surface. A joint pouring and cleaning kit To effectively take care of your tile joints, you may want to look at the joint pouring and cleaning kit. This pack includes a 25 l bin, two squeeze rollers, a cleaning grid, 4 removable castors, a foam float to be jointed and a sponge float to be cleaned. It is ideal for very large areas and it can simplify your tasks. A protractor of forms To benefit from an accurate layout of the tiles, you must bet on a protractor. It is a tool specially designed for treating tiles, carpets and any other material to be marked. It reproduces the shape of difficult-to-mark cuts and it also offers a shape-maintaining function. This professional-grade protractor is 250mm long. A suction cup drill guide To prevent the hole saw from moving while drilling your tiles, you are advised to opt for a suction cup drill guide. This instrument allows good centering when making dry or wet cuts and also for performing horizontal or vertical holes on specific points. It is compatible with hole saws with a diameter of 6 to 83 mm and it is of better quality.

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