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Which LED projector for which site?

LED floodlights are perfect for lighting up a construction site. This is why you are advised to equip yourself with it if you wish to work in a place where there is no light, both outdoors and indoors. They can run on mains or via a rechargeable battery, but the bottom line is that you go with a powerful device that can meet your needs. On Action Bricolage, you can discover LED spotlights ranging from 10 to 200 W.

The 10 W LED floodlight

If it is a question of lighting a small space, you may be interested in the 10W LED spotlight. It is a light device and easy to carry thanks to its integrated handle. It has a die-cast aluminum body and a 230 V / 12 V / USB charging cable and is ideal for outdoor use. Its protection class is IP65 and its color temperature is 6500 K. Finally, its beam angle is 120° and its luminous flux is 850 LM.

The powerful 50 W LED spotlight

If, on the other hand, it is necessary to illuminate a large enough space, it is necessary to turn to the 50 W LED spotlight. This model offers roughly the same characteristics as the previous product since its voltage is 230 V, its protection class is IP65, its color temperature is 6500 K, its beam angle is 120°, its color rendering index is greater than 75 RA / CRI and its luminous flux is 5 000 LM. It works on mains with its flexible rubber cable of 2 Met its 19 mm mobile stand with handle, and it also has a die-cast aluminum body.

The ultra powerful 200W Pro-Line LED floodlight

If you need to illuminate a very large space, you should invest in the Ultra Powerful 200W Pro-Line LED Floodlight. It is a high performance LED light that you can install anywhere you work. It is easy to transport thanks to its ergonomic handle, and it is supplied with two additional 230 V sockets. It is mains operated with an integrated cable reel and 3M flexible rubber cable and it stands out with its die-cast aluminum body, toughened safety front glass and sturdy movable stand. Finally, know that its protection index is IP54, its color temperature is 6400 K, its beam angle is 130 °, its color rendering index is greater than 75 RA / CRI and its luminous flux is 16,000 LM.

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