Find all the tools and materials for laying tiles here

Here are all the tools that you need for laying your floor and wall tiles, paving slabs

Pliers, tile cutters “Carrelettes”®, electric and manual tile cutters, levelling clips, glue combs, electric joint remover etc. and many innovative and patented products.

You will also find in this section all the essential tiling tools adapted for each material

(porcelaine, stoneware, slabs, marble, earthenware, anti-slip tiles, terra-cotta, refractory brick ...).

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How to choose the right tiling?

Do you plan to lay tiles in your interior, but you do not know at all which one to choose? Discuss with us how to choose the right tile before installing. What to know about tiling Before jumping into any tile, you have to take into account several criteria: the room, the material of manufacture, the size of the tiles, the color and the appearance. Once these items have been determined, you can proceed to purchase. Depending on the room, pay close attention to the resistance of your tile to scratches and passages, whether it is slippery, and above all, carefully analyze its UPEC classification (resistance to wear, puncture, water and chemical agents).

Floor and wall tiles

Regarding the passage tolerance, you can refer to the PEI classification of tiling, also called Porcelain Enamel Institute. This scale, only applicable to enameled tiles, allows it to be classified from 1 to 5 according to its resistance. If the PEI 0 class corresponds to the lowest resistance, PEI 5 is the ideal class for heavy traffic. It is often this resistance class that is used in commercial places. When it comes to materials, if there are many, it is ceramics that is most present with an almost infinite choice of tiles. However, each type of tile has its favorite piece. Finally, you should know that a tile must be carefully maintained so that its life is as long as possible. Floor tiles, unlike wall tiles, are subject to numerous shocks and attacks over time. This is why it is essential to do a regular deep cleaning. Certain materials, such as terracotta, require special cleaning. Now that you know a little more about tiling and the different features to consider, you can get started.

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