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How to make a bathroom waterproof?

In a bathroom, water is really everywhere. There can be projections everywhere. Then there's the steam and high humidity that often put a strain on coatings and equipment. To make your bathroom perfectly waterproof, discover all the accessories and products you can order at Action DIY!

The Waterproof Matting Joint Tape 10 m

First, you should start with the 10 M sealing strip. It is an elastic covering that you can stick on small roofing elements such as a chimney, a skylight or joints in your bathroom to ensure their tightness. It is effective for sealing joints and is used with Homelux sealing and uncoupling mats. The pipe sealing mat In addition to the sealing tape, the pipe sealing mat can also help you to ensure a seal around your shower drains. This is to be combined with Homelux uncoupling rollers, and it avoids infiltration, degraded substrates and detached tiles. It is often used when the shower floor has a masonry slope shape. And it allows the almost simultaneous laying of the tiling.

The Waterproof FlexiblePipe Collars

In addition, there is also the pipe sealing mat with rubber seal. This product is available in a set of two, and it allows you to design perfectly waterproof realizations. It displays long-lasting performance because it is resistant to chemical attack from cleaning and maintenance products to which tiles are generally subjected. Added to that, it is rot proof and stretchable.

Interior and exterior sealing angles

Finally, you should finish with the interior and exterior sealing angles. These flexible accessories are effective in easily sealing internal and external angles. In addition, they make it possible to completely cover the entire space. They are made from the best quality material allowing 3D movement and eliminating any risk of infiltration.


With these accessories and sealants, you can make your bathroom coverings and fittings perfectly waterproof. You effectively fight against water infiltration that often occurs at the joints. And at the same time, you give your shower installation better water protection. Place your orders now to finally know what a waterproof shower is and all the benefits of having a waterproof bathroom.

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