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A crimping pliers to properly connect your tubes

To assemble two elements together, in particular pipes, you must use a crimping tool. It is an indispensable tool in plumbing, but it can also be useful to you in other areas, citing only mechanics, microtechnology, connectors, jewelry, masonry and plaster work. On the DIY Action page, different models of crimping pliers are available. But before presenting them, find out all the reasons to equip yourself with this kind of tool.

Why buying a crimping tool?

In plumbing, crimping is important when assembling plumbing components, installing a faucet or laying pipes. And thanks to a crimping tool, you can make a crimp in complete safety since you will not have to solder your fittings, nor expose yourself to sparks and the risk of burns. The crimping tool also saves you significant time. It simplifies your tasks by reducing installation time and guaranteeing you a watertight connection. What is also advantageous with the crimping pliers is the fact that it offers great working comfort. It allows crimping in all directions, even in hard-to-reach places. Finally, know that the crimping tool is a light and space-saving tool. It allows materials to be crimped effortlessly and can be stored in a drawer or in a small bag.

Which crimping tool to choose?

The crimping pliers offered by Action Bricolage are among the most efficient products on the market. The multilayer pipe crimper, for example, is a professional grade product that allows you to work easily. It has been specially designed for joining multilayer pipes in hard to reach places. And it stands out with its swivel head, blue telescopic handle and black ergonomic handle. It is delivered in a pretty red box with interchangeable TH type Ø16, 20, 26 and 32 mm jaws and an Allen key. In addition to this set of crimping pliers for multilayer tubes, another set of crimping and connecting pliers for PER tubes is also available on Action Bricolage. The latter is composed of many more elements, including a mechanical pliers for stamping Ø25 mm fittings with sheathed handles, 3 jaw adapters Ø12, 16 and 20 mm, 2 end caps, a flaring pliers Ø12 to 25 mm and a PER and PVC pipe cutter with a capacity of 42 mm.

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