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Protections: well-equipped to tinker in complete safety!

It is really important to be well-equipped to tinker safely. Some people think, in fact, that small DIY jobs are not dangerous, and they neglect the protections. However, all DIY work is likely to cause more or less serious injuries. And even DIY professionals wear protective clothing and accessories to avoid problems.

Knee pads

Here you can find different protective items designed especially for DIY enthusiasts. There are special gel tiler knee pads dedicated to tiling specialists. These products are comfortable and resistant because they contain gel, and they have transparent plastic shells. They won't damage work surfaces and are suitable for any tiler since they have adjustable straps. In addition to the special gel tiler knee pads, construction site knee pads are also available on this page. These are ideal for all professionals who need to kneel now and then to get their job done. They are comfortable thanks to their thick foam. Then, they also stand out with their side slits and flexible shell. The pro gel knee pads, perfect protections for professionals who work on tiles, carpets and laminate floors. They feature a smooth, durable vinyl shell that rotates, and their gel-polymer injected inner pad can seamlessly conform to the shape of the knee while absorbing shock. Their fleece-type support straps are easily adjusted by buckle, and it should not be forgotten that these pro gel knee pads are CE standardized.

Construction masks

To protect against dust and pollen, construction masks are also available on this site. These masks are sold in a set of five pieces and are very comfortable, light and comfortable to wear. They can be worn with glasses, but it should be noted that these are not respiratory masks, that is, they are not effective in protecting against bacteria and viruses. What about gloves and protective glasses? Be aware that it is also important to use gloves when doing DIY, as these accessories can provide real protection for your hands against burns and cuts. Also, do not hesitate to wear glasses to avoid the risk of eye injuries caused by receiving a shard of stone, glass or solder.

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