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Enjoy quality materials at low prices thanks to Action Bricolage. Mosaics of different shapes, colors and materials. Blends of stones and glass to enhance your tiles, bathrooms, showers, baths and kitchens.


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The mosaic to dress your walls, fireplaces and floors

Mosaic is the art of assembling small cubes or multicolored fragments of different materials to form a decorative pattern that dresses the wall, floor, splashbacks, shower screens and the bottom of a swimming pool. These fragments, called tesserae, can provide reflections of light, shiny colored facets, or a metallic appearance, since in general they can include stones, marble, enamel, glass, wood and metal. On the DIY Action page, you can currently find different types of mosaics, higher quality materials that you can buy at low prices.

The MARL mosaic sheet

Taking for example the case of the MARL Mosaic plate, it is a superb ceramic plate. It offers a mixture of striated and smooth effects and it stands out with its pale gray and beige colors. You can install it in your kitchen, in your bathtub or in your shower. Otherwise, you can also use it to make a frieze in your earthenware.

The Aolani Mosaic Plate

In addition to this MARL Mosaic sheet, the Aolani Mosaic sheet is also available at Action DIY. It is a mosaic slab made of a mixture of stone in marbled colors and chic, clean white glass. It is perfect for enhancing your kitchen and bathroom tiles. In addition, it can be cut to make a frieze and it is sold individually.

The Graphite Mosaic Plate

In addition, the Mosaic Graphite plate must also be lifted. It is a magnificent mosaic plate made up of small ceramic and glass tiles in modern and elegant colors. It is ideal for decorating your bathrooms, your worktops, your sinks or your kitchen splashbacks and it is very easy to install.

The Cavern slate wall cladding panel

But the list doesn't end there, Action DIY also has the Cavern slate wall cladding at your disposal. It is a slate mosaic plaque that you can easily recognize thanks to its dark burgundy color with bluish gray and gold reflections. It is especially suitable for cladding fireplaces and walls and it allows you to bring a refined and ultra modern touch to your interior decoration.

Coast quartzite wall cladding

Finally, you should finish with the Coast quartzite facing panel. It is a coating in light gray and shiny gold colors. It can help you cover and beautify your fireplaces and walls and it guarantees easy installation.

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