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All our mixer accessories TH Mixer Tomecanic Bénetière are available in this section.

Find all our accessories here and replace your damaged or broken parts easily. Mixing propeller, switch, shift knob, speed variator and pair of carbon brushes. All the spare parts of your TH Mixer Tomecanic Bénetière are on this page, so replace them and keep your tools as good as new.

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Spare parts for your TH mixer Tomecanic Bénetière mixer

Do you have a small problem with your TH Mixeur Tomecanic Bénetière mixer? Do not worry ! Action Bricolage provides you with all the accessories you need to restore your tool. We do offer everything you need to replace your damaged or broken parts, and we aim to give you complete satisfaction. Note that the products you find on this page are professional quality products and also inexpensive products.

The switch

If, for example, you have a problem with the switch of your TH-Mixer Mixer Tomecanic Bénetière, you can invest in the spare part that conforms to the original. This is of better quality and can directly replace the defective part. It can also extend the life of your mixer while making it easier to use.

The gearshift button

The speed change button for TH Mixeur Tomecanic Bénetière mixer is also available at Action Bricolage. This is a replacement button that mounts directly in place of your broken button. It is made by the plumbing and DIY tool accessories professional in an effort to make your tool usable again and more functional. The speed variator You can also discover a speed variator for TH mixer Tomecanic Bénetière mixer at Action Bricolage. This part is identical to the original. Which means it has the right dimensions and shape to fit your mixer. It allows you to adjust the speed of your tool, so you don't have to throw it away.

The spare pair of charcoal

The other accessory compatible with the TH Mixeur Tomecanic Bénetière mixer is also the spare pair of charcoal. It is an essential part to ensure the functioning of your tool. In fact, the coals are connecting elements, and they are used to supplying electric current to the rotating part of the motor of your mixer by friction. So, it is normal that they wear out faster compared to other parts.

The set of handles

The last product to be lifted is the set of handles for TH Mixeur Tomecanic Bénetière mixer. These are two ergonomic handles designed specifically to replace broken handles on your tool. They are of professional quality, and they are especially compatible with the mixer reference T523 170 0. They are easily recognizable thanks to their black and red colors, and they are offered at a very competitive price. At Action Bricolage, you can buy them for only 14.95 euros.

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