Diamond Drill Bits

Find all the dimensions of our range of diamond drill bits in this section.

Find all the dimensions of our range of diamond drill bits here. To pierce hard and delicate materials (granite, marble, enamelled stoneware, porcellanato stoneware, terrazzo, porcelain stoneware, slate, enamelled cast iron).


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A diamond core bit for drilling in all types of materials

The diamond crown is generally used with a core drill. It allows drilling in all types of materials and is really essential for building professionals, especially for masons, electricians, tilers and heating engineers. In fact, coring or drilling is necessary to make holes on a surface to allow the passage of pipes and ducts and to install air conditioning or heating. It can be done in two ways, including: wet coring or dry coring. But here, it is necessary to speak in particular of the wet coring carried out using a water diamond core bit from Action Bricolage.

The FORAGRES WET diamond core bit for wet drilling

At Action Bricolage, it is possible to find a diamond core bit called FORAGRES WET diamond core bit for wet drilling. It is an ultra-resistant product that allows you to pierce delicate materials as well as very hard materials. It is effective for drilling granite, marble, glazed stoneware, porcellanato stoneware, porcelain stoneware, slate, enamelled cast iron bathtub and composite materials such as polyester and fiberglass. And with its integrated sponge from 18 mm in diameter, it guarantees lubrication during drilling. This crown can be used both horizontally and vertically and is to be mounted on a drill 500 W minimum. It bears the Tomecanic Bénetière brand and it is available in different diameters to adapt to several machine references, citing only: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 18 mm, 27 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm , 65 mm, 68 mm and 150 mm.

Unlike dry coring, wet coring allows the tool to be cooled better and to drill at a higher speed. This preserves the diamond crown used while extending its life. However, it is important to know which diamond crown to use. It is necessary to refer to certain criteria, in particular: the materials to be drilled, the diameter and depth of the hole to be made and the type of machine to be used. A hexagonal diamond drill bit, for example, might work well for drilling ceramic tiles, marble, ceramics, natural stones or ceramic stoneware. And a ¼ inch crown is perfect for drilling in concrete, granite, plaster or asphalt.

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