Tile Cutters Accessories

All our accessories for Manual and Electric Tile Cutters are available in this category.

Find all our accessories here and replace your damaged or broken parts easily. Graduated scales, extensions, brackets, covers, switches, water pumps, tank plugs, water tank, kits, flanges, PRCD, capacitor and motor for Radial 200/760 P. All the spare parts of your manual and electrical tile cutters are on this page. Replace them and keep your tools good as new.



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All the spare parts for your tile

Need to replace the parts of your tile? Find out what you are looking for in this section. Action Bricolage effectively provides you with everything you need to restore your manual or electric tile cutter. We sell switches as well as water pumps, tank caps, water trays, extension cords, brackets, graduated rulers, cases, flanges, PRCDs, capacitors, and even motors. And know that all of our products are of professional quality.

The flanges

Taking for example the case of flanges, they are available in different models at Action Bricolage. You can find replacement flanges for Millenium and Mastercut PRCI electric tile cutters, flanges for ARIANE radial PRCI 200-760 P and flanges for Carrelec T1180 PRCI electric tile cutters. Then, you can also meet the Carrelec Ariane 200-720 flanges and the Carrelec Ariane 200-620 flanges.


As for capacitors, they are also available in different references. There is the 6 micro farad capacitor for PRCI electric tile cutters, Coupelec Premium 444912 and 442012. Then there is the 12 micro farad capacitor for PRCI, Carrelec T180 and Coupelec Millenium electric tile cutters. There is also the 16 micro farad capacitor for ARIANE Radiales PRCI electric tile cutters. And finally, do not forget the 15 micro farad capacitor for PRCI and Coupelec Millenium electric tile cutters.


When it comes to switches, one of Action Bricolage's best sellers is the Coupelec Minllenium / Mastercut & Premium / Premcut PRCI switch. It is a device equipped with an on and off button and secure in the event of a power failure. Then there is also the ARIANE Radiale 200-620 / 200-720 / 200-760 P Tile Cutter Switch, a professional quality spare part with on and off button.

Other useful spare parts

In addition to these flanges and capacitors, other useful spare parts are available on the DIY Action page. This is the case with the 22 x 6 x 4.7 mm Clinker wheel, the Carrelette Procoup 061032 breaking system, the water pump for electric tile cutter ARIANE Raciale 200/620 PRCI and the PRCD for cutting -electric tiles ARIANE Radiale PRCI. In addition, the following should also be listed: the graduated ruler for Ultra Pro 900 mm PRCI tiles, the Carrelette Clinker square, the blade cover for PRCI electric tiles, the tank cap for ARIANE Radiale 200-720 PRCI, the exclusive PRCI tile table extension and the replacement motor for ARIANE Radiale 200-760 P.

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