Saw Blades

The blade of your saw is worn? Change it and keep your machine. Action Bricolage, professional tools at low prices.

Round or flat, all our blades are made of tungsten carbide to guarantee you an optimal professional quality. Resistant to wear, they are also ideal for cutting fragile and hard materials.

Choose the size you need and the reference that corresponds to your electric saw.



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Which replacement blade to repair your saw?

Are you looking for better quality saw blades? Hold the line ! You are on the right page. Action Bricolage provides you with resistant saw blades made from tungsten. These saw blades come in different designs to meet your needs and are perfect for cutting fragile or hard materials. In fact, these are professional quality, inexpensive saw blades.

The bestsellers at Action Bricolage

Take for example the case of the round tiler saw blade 300 mm. This is a tungsten carbide model compatible with a PRCI saw. It resists wear and tear effectively, even if used daily and frequently by a professional, and it can improve your saw's performance. Its price at Action Bricolage is set at only 4.49 euros. This allows you to restart your saw at a lower cost. The other replacement blade to lift is the 150 mm round tile saw blade. This part is also produced from tungsten carbide and is very wear resistant. It will not be damaged even with heavy use of the saw and is fully compatible with a PRCI saw.

What you need to know about PRCI

Speaking of PRCI, know that this company has been in existence since 1984 and is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of tools for laying tiles and plumbing. It launched Action Bricolage with the aim of offering online the tooling ranges of its various brands, including: La Carrelette, Tomecanic Benetière and Homelux.

Here, La Carrelette does not correspond to the name given to tile cutters in general. This is a trademark registered by PRCI for the purpose of designating its own model of tile cutter.

Tomecanic Benetière, for its part, is a company very renowned for its innovative products, citing only earthenware cutters, very clever interior tile cutting systems and special mosaic tile cutters. One of its greatest successes is its range of manual tile cutters, in particular its very high-end model labeled SUPERCOUP developed in France and marketed throughout the world.

Finally, Homelux is a brand specializing in the design of profiles and sealing products. It offers an interesting range of products which allows waterproofing as well as the finishing of tiling work.

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