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Your diamond blade is worn? Need a new one for your electric tile cutter? Discover our range for all types of materials.

All our diamond blades are guaranteed to be of a professional quality. Discover in this section our range of diamond blades for general use, porcelain stoneware, glass, very hard materials, wet or dry cutting.

Choose the diamond blade you need according to the type of cut, the material to be cut and its size.


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The best diamond discs to equip your grinders

Diamond discs are essential for both professional builders and hobbyists alike. They are generally used to equip grinders, and they concern both the shell and the finishing work. If you need it, you can find it at Action Bricolage. In fact, we offer a full line of diamond discs for general use, porcelain stoneware, glass, very hard materials, wet cuts or dry cuts.

ARIANE diamond disc 180 and 200 mm for electric tile cutters

Taking for example the case of the ARIANE 180 and 200 mm diamond discs, these are robust and high-performance discs specially designed for electric tile cutters. They are professional grade, and they are ideal for wet cutting with their continuous rim. You can insert the 180 mm model in a Carrelec T180 as well as in a Coupelec Mastercut, in a Coupelec Millenium and in a Coupelec Premium. Then, you can use the 200 mm model to equip an Ariane Radiale 200-620 mm, an Ariane Radiale 200-700 mm or a Carrelec Radiale.

Dry diamond disc 115 and 125 mm special hard tiles Extremm Super Pro

If you are looking for a dry diamond blade, you can look at the 115 and 125 mm models specializing in hard tiles. These pieces allow for precise cuts and finishes, and they are ideally suited for extra fine cuts of very hard ceramic, granite, tiles and bricks and other hard tiles. Professional quality, these diamond discs sold on Action Bricolage stand out for their high performance and great resistance. They guarantee extreme finesse, a thickness of only 1 mm.

Dry diamond blade 125 and 230 mm with Grindcut Pro flange

Other interesting diamond blades offered by Action Bricolage are the 125 and 230 mm dry diamond blades with Grindcut Pro flange. These parts are perfect for beveling, chamfering, trimming and cutting. They do not have segments. This means that they present no risk of breakage or tearing. Thanks to their flange, they guarantee direct mounting on a grinder as well as a clean and economical cut. It should be noted that these diamond discs are suitable for all trades. They cut and sand concrete, cast iron, steel, HDPE, granite, basalt, PVC, wood and bricks. Then, they are also great for wet or dry cutting and sanding all materials and iron. In fact, these diamond discs bear the Tomecanic Bénetière brand, and they are also of professional quality.

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