Mixer and kneader

Find all our products mixing glues, coatings and paints in this section.

Our range of tools dedicated to mixing liquid products cover s all needs. From the simple mixing propeller, strong or low viscosity to attachments to the drill or the the high-end power mixers 1800 Watts.

We also offer spare parts to help you maintain your tools rather than replace them.

Professional quality and low prices guaranteed, so do not hesitate to order.

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Mixers and mixers: mixing your products without problems

The mixer is the ideal tool for mixing your liquid products, including paints, glues, plasters, mortars and concrete. It makes work easier and reduces fatigue. It also allows you to obtain perfectly homogeneous products. Furthermore, it contributes to the correct application of the latter, and it guarantees the efficiency and purity of your work. On this page you can find different types of mixer and spare parts for electric mixer.

The 1200 W PRCI mixer

You can order, for example, the 1200 W PRCI mixer, a variable speed model that allows you to easily and quickly mix glues, cements, plasters, plasters, resins and paints. This is the device you need for your DIY and masonry jobs. In addition, you can adapt it to the density of your materials, and you can benefit from more comfort during its use, thanks to its double handle. Supplied with 140 mm diameter propeller, thermal overload protection, lock button, this is one of the best mixers on the market.

The 1800 W mixer in a box

If you are looking for a more powerful mixer, you may want to look at the 1800 W mixer in a cabinet. This device is perfect for all jobs that require mixing. Not only is it of professional quality, but it offers 2 speeds and an electronic variator, and it is supplied with 2 propellers of 140 mm and 160 mm in diameter, 2 blades of 140 mm and 160 mm, a double handle, a knob of lock, thermal overload protection. You can use it to mix low or high density materials with a mixing amount of up to 60 kg. Then you can enjoy an ergonomic tool that is light and comfortable to use.

Spare parts for mixers

In addition to mixers, spare parts for mixers are also available on this site. This is the case with the mixer switch, the mixer speed change button, the mixer speed controller and the mixer brush pair. There are also the Drill Mixing Propellers, a professional grade part available in various sizes. As their name suggests, they are to be mounted on a drill to play the role of a mixer, that is to say to mix liquid products, glues, cements with additives or resins. The 400 mm long and 80 mm diameter model is suitable for paste tile adhesives and the 600 mm long and 120 mm diameter model is suitable for powder tile adhesives.

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