Clips and wedges

Discover in this section our range of CLIPS and wedges to achieve
perfect tile joints.

The CLIPS systems (Lash) allows you to align and level the floor at the same time as ensuring a regular space between tiles.

BULLS EYE retractable braces allow you to quickly and easily install your tiles.

Our range also offers more standard wedges with different dimensions adapted to requirements.

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Spacers and leveling clips to eliminate any level difference between your tiles

As you know, the braces are placed between the tiles and allow to maintain a perfect and regular distance between the tiles. Clips, on the other hand, help eliminate any level shift between tiles. Spacers and leveling clips are therefore essential for the correct installation of a tile. They are some of the DIY and masonry tools that come in handy for doing tiling jobs like a pro. On this page, you can choose between different sets of braces and leveler clips, better quality and inexpensive products that will simplify your tasks.

Recoverable braces x 100 pieces

Here, you can actually find recoverable braces offered in a set of 100 in a bag. These allow you to space your tiles evenly and achieve uniform joints. They have a good thickness to ensure easy installation and they also offer sizes suitable for joints and tiles of different sizes. As their name suggests, they are recoverable, meaning you can reuse them after laying your tiles.

Cross bars pro x 250 or 200 pieces

If you are looking for a lot of braces, you can opt for the pro 2 mm x 250 pieces braces; the pro 3 mm x 250 pieces or the pro 5 mm x 200 pieces. Like the salvageable braces, these pro braces are also perfect for even tile spacing, for even joints and for easy installation. They are suitable for all types of joints and tiles, but they are delivered in much larger quantities.

Leveling clips

For the leveler clips, you can find on this site a yellow bucket with cover, 200 clips and 200 wedges. This pack is specially designed to allow you to ensure perfect alignment and leveling of your tiles. It allows you to always have your tools at hand while laying the tiles, and it is ultra-practical and reusable. It also guarantees you comfort, speed and efficiency, and it allows you to benefit from better quality finishes. Pliers for tile leveling clips For the successful installation of joints and tiles, you also need pliers for tile leveling clips. This tool allows you to save time aligning your tiles and driving in wedges without tiring you or hurting your fingers. It effectively pushes wedges into clips and is suitable for both small and large projects.

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