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Find all our tools for drilling tiles and other materials in this section.

Discover the drilling guide to help you make cuts with great precision due to its suction cup.

Our box of diamond crowns that combine the most common dimensions to pierce hard and delicate materials

(granite, marble, enamelled stoneware, gres porcellanato, grantio, stoneware, slate, enamelled cast iron).

And other professional tools in the range at low prices.

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The essential tools to cut and drill your tiles

To cut and drill your tiles, you must invest in the range of tools presented to you on this page. All the instruments you find here are of high quality and inexpensive. They have been specially designed and thought out to meet your needs. They will allow you to lay your tiles like a real professional and will be useful for all your DIY and masonry work.

The diamond crown

Taking first the case of the diamond crown, it is an ultra resistant part which allows to drill all the delicate and very hard materials such as granite, enamelled stoneware, porcellanato stoneware, marble, porcelain stoneware, slate, polyester and fiberglass. It is equipped with an integrated sponge from 18 mm in diameter which allows lubrication during drilling. It provides vertical or horizontal use as well as mounting on a drill of 500 W minimum.

The set of diamond crowns

In addition to the diamond crown, the set of diamond crowns is also available in this section. This pack is of high quality and brings together the most common sizes of diamond crowns, including: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 18 mm in diameter. Ideal for wet drilling of delicate and very hard materials such as enamelled stoneware, marble, granite, porcelain stoneware, slate, enamelled cast iron bathtub and composite materials, it guarantees perfect cuts.

The special tiling, laminate and earthenware drill bit

In addition, there is the special tiling, laminate and earthenware drill bit. It is an ultra resistant tungsten carbide product. It is top quality and easily mounts on an electric drill and crankshaft. It offers a drilling capacity of 30-90mm in diameter, which allows you to drill a circle on your tiles.

The portable vice

But the list doesn't end there, there's also the portable vice that makes cutting, sawing or drilling tiles quickly, easily and effortlessly. This instrument is very light, all-terrain and space-saving and it does not require installation or workbench. You just need to put it on a flat surface, and you need to hold it with one hand so that you can saw with your other hand. It can save you considerable time compared to a conventional vise. Plus, you can take it with you wherever you go, to the job site, to your workshop or to your home.

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