Tiling joints

Discover in this section our range of tools to achieve perfect tiling joints.

The CLIPS system allows you to align and level the floor at the same time as providing you with a regular space between tiles.

Also find our range of braces and squeegees of all sizes and our cleaning kits with buckets, cleaning rollers and abrasive pads.

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The essential tools for correctly making the tile joints

You may be wondering: what is the secret of tilers to making perfect tile joints? Well, know that these professionals use better and efficient DIY and masonry tools and materials when laying tiles. Not only do they have the skills, know-how and experience necessary to do their job, but they are also well equipped. So don't hesitate to invest in the different materials you find on this page to lay your tiles like a pro.

A tiler installation kit

You may be interested, for example, in the tiler installation kit. It is the ideal product for beginners who want to start tiling work without problems. It includes a half-moon glue comb with V 5 x 3 mm pointed teeth, a half-moon glue comb with U 6 x 6 mm square teeth and a rubber wood squeegee 18 cm long. This allows you to spread your glues evenly, to ensure vertical tiling and also to pour and effectively clean your joints.

Wooden and rubber squeegees and double foam squeegees

In addition to this tiler installation kit, wooden and rubber squeegees are also available in this section. This is the case, for example, with the 400 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm models for tile joints. But there are also double foam squeegees with metal frames that mount on a handle to resemble a broom and are especially recommended for large surfaces.


If you are looking for a float, you can choose between the 280 x 140 mm semi-flexible foam float, the pro float with 245 x 100 mm foam sole and the pro float with 260 x 100 mm resin sole. These instruments are ideal for transporting mortar or plaster before spreading them with a trowel on a surface. Then, they can also help you to smooth the surfaces and obtain a personalized finish of the plasters: plaster effect, washed, sponged, floated, scraped, ...

Other smart and adapted tools

But that's not all, professional tilers also use other clever and suitable tools to lay tiles correctly. They use, among other things: braces, an electric de-pointer, a tiler sponge, pliers for tiling leveling clips, pockets with tear-off joints and a scraper to remove the tiling joints. They may also have a joint smoother, a set of joint adjuvants and a rinse tank with wiper for cleaning the tile joints.

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