Level tiles

Discover our range of equipment to level your tiles during installation.

The CLIPS system allows you to align and level the floor at the same time as providing you with a regular space between tiles.

You will find them in this section presented in a bucket or bag.

Also find other tools to level your tiles such as rubber mallets and tiling tampers.

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Trowel, spatula and float: align and level your floors correctly

Trowel, spatula, float, etc. Various tools are essential for properly laying tiles, in particular for aligning and leveling the ground correctly. Masons, tilers and DIY enthusiasts use it on a daily basis to simplify their tasks. If you too are interested, you can choose between the models that we offer here.

The trowel

The trowel is a manual utensil that appears as a small shovel. It stands out for its fairly thin steel blade, generally triangular, and its wooden or PVC handle. Its two parts are connected by a bent rod, which guarantees strength and resistance. It can be square or rounded. You can use a trowel to spread or shape mortar, cement, sand or plaster. This tool can also prevent your hands from coming into contact with harmful products such as calcium oxide in mortar.

The spatula

It is a steel tool specially dedicated to painters and plasterers. It is available in two main models, including: the stripping spatula and the coating knife. The stripping spatula removes paints from walls, joinery, wood furniture and flooring easily and quickly. It can also peel off wallpapers thanks to its sharp blade with a thickness of 4 mm. The coating knife, on the other hand, is often sold in sets. He helps the painter put plaster on the wall.

The float

The float is the instrument that complements the trowel. It has a kind of small tray that allows you to transport a greater or lesser amount of mortar or plaster in order to then apply them to the floor or any other surface using the trowel. It also makes it possible to smooth the surfaces to ensure the finish of the plasters. Thanks to it, you can achieve the plaster, float, washed, sponged or scraped effect on the walls. In terms of form, the float is equipped with a sole, a solid and firm surface and a central handle. So you can use it vertically or horizontally.

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