Trays and glue knives

Discover in this section all our range of trays and glue
knives for your tiling work.

Spread your adhesives and coatings evenly with our wide range of trays and glue knives.

Notch dimensions varied and adapted to all your work.

Action Bricolage guarantees professional quality tools at low prices, so do not hesitate to order.

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Glue trays and knives: spread your glues evenly!

Are you looking for glue trays or knives? Here, we offer you all the materials you need to spread your glues and coatings evenly. We effectively aim to make life easier for DIY enthusiasts and professionals by providing better quality and inexpensive products, and we try to offer a full range to give you complete satisfaction.

The double base seal

One of our bestsellers is the Double Base Seal. This tool would be useful for you to join your tiled surfaces without notching your joints or neglecting the corners. It is equipped with two sharp corners and two rounded corners and is particularly suitable for wide tile joints and for large work surfaces. Its light foam is covered with a white rubber sole and its plastic handle is very ergonomic.

Smooth stainless steel trays or with toothing

In addition to this double-base sealant, you can also find smooth or toothed stainless steel platters in this section. This is the case with the 280 x 115 cm model with stainless steel blade and elastomeric mega grip handle and the 10 x 10 mm \ "U \" toothed stainless steel trowel with stainless steel blade and elastomer mega grip handle. These materials are effective in evenly spreading adhesives and coatings, and it offers high resistance to wear and oxidation as well as optimized user comfort.

Professional glue knives

Glue knives are available in different models on this site. You can find a pro glue knife with 6 mm, 9 mm or 10 mm tooth, steel blade and wooden handle. Like the trays, these glue knives are essential for laying tiles. They can help you spread your glues correctly.

Professional glue combs

Glue combs perform the same functions as glue knives, but they do not have a wooden handle. They have teeth on both lengths and the dimensions of these teeth vary from model to model. You can find a 6 x 6 and 9 x 9 mm \ "U \" toothed glue comb, just as you can find a 5 mm and 194 x 86 mm V-toothed glue comb.

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