Find in this section all the necessary equipment to carry out your diagnostics during your plumbing work.

Easy and quick diagnosis of all kinds of blockages or damage in hard-to-reach or blind areas thanks to the PRCI inspection camera with LCD display. Detect a leak, test the pressure or inject fluids into your pipes and piping with the PRCI pump.


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Plumbing: which device to perform diagnostics?

Everything you need to perform diagnostics during your plumbing work is available at Action Bricolage. On this page you can find both an inspection camera and a test pump. This therefore allows you to easily and quickly diagnose any blockages, congestion or damage located in areas that are difficult to access or without visibility and also to detect a leak, test the pressure or inject fluids into your pipes.

The PRO PRCI inspection camera

The inspection camera offered by Action Bricolage is indeed one of the best diagnostic devices available today. It comes with a small carrying case and it lets you watch what's going on like a pro. In fact, it's equipped with a small 2.4 ", 6cm diagonal LCD screen that allows for ideal inspection of plumbing, mechanics and hard-to-reach or blind areas. And it also comes with different types of tip, including: magnet tip, hook tip, and mirror tip. This PRO PRCI inspection camera works with conventional alkaline batteries and stands out with its flexible waterproof probe and video output. It also offers a 2.0x gradual zoom and 180 ° image rotation.

The PRCI 12 L test pump

As for the test pump for pipelines, it is a PRCI model with a capacity of 12 L. It is considered a professional quality tool at a low price, because it allows to test the pressure of the pipes. piping and piping easily and also because it costs only 89 euros. Offering a pressure of 0 to 50 bar, a reservoir capacity of 12 L and a suction capacity of 45 ml per suction, this proof pump can simplify your tasks if you have problems with your plumbing elements. In fact, the fitting measures 19.5 mm or pouce of an inch and the product measures 49.2 x 16.5 x 27 cm.

Final words So? What are you waiting for to consult the DIY Action page and to add diagnostic tools to your basket? This is the best address to equip yourself with all the necessary plumbing and DIY materials. In addition, our products are classified in different categories to simplify your research and our catalog is more or less complete to meet all your expectations. Action Bricolage is the best online DIY supplies supplier.

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