Connect plumbing materials

Here you will find all the necessary tools to connect your materials during your plumbing work.

Action Bricolage offers you its range of tools to connect copper piping, multilayer, PER, PPR and PVC tubes. Discover our crimping pliers for hard-to-reach places or our fusion welding device with its acessories and storage case. Swagging tools, reamers and pipe cleaners are also available here at low cost.

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Plumbing: what tools to connect materials?

Different tools can be used to connect your materials during your plumbing work. From the crimping tool to the collet beating device, including the thermofusion device, the universal socket device and the calibrating deburrer, Action Bricolage puts everything at your disposal to simplify your tasks.

Crimping pliers

First of all, the crimping tool is available in different models on the DIY Action page and is usually offered in a box. For example, you can look at the box for crimping and connecting the PER tubes easily. This is a complete and better quality kit. It allows a simple and quick installation by sliding and it is composed of a mechanical pliers with sheathed handles, 3 jaw adapters of diameter 12,16 and 20 mm, 2 end caps, a flaring pliers for diameters from 12 to 25 mm and a PER and PVC pipe cutter with a capacity of 42 mm. There is also the set of pliers for crimping multilayer pipes in hard to reach places. It contains a professional quality crimping pliers with swivel head, ergonomic handle and telescopic handle and also interchangeable jaws type TH Ø16, 20, 26 and 32 mm and an Allen key.

The flaring tool

When it comes to the flaring tool, Action Bricolage's bestseller is the Ø10 to 22 mm Pro model. It is the perfect device for joining seamless copper tubes and for making taper collars. It is one of the professional tools, and it offers as bores for tubes Ø10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 mm. Furthermore, it should be noted that this Pro flaring tool is available in other sizes at Action Bricolage, citing only: the Ø6 to 16 mm Pro flaring tool and the Ø10 Pro flaring tool to 16 mm.

Other interesting tools

On the DIY Action page, you can also find the 800 W hot melt machine for PPR tubes. It is the ideal tool for connecting polypropylene pipes by high temperature fusion. In fact, this kit consists of a metal case with an interchangeable head, jaws of different sizes and a carrying case. But that's not all, there is also the Ø8 to 16 mm universal socket device, an instrument which allows annealing copper pipes to be widened in order to fit them together before soldering. And finally, there is the calibrating deburrer which allows deburring, chamfering and calibrating of PER and multilayer pipes.

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