Find here all the necessary tools for bending your materials during your plumbing work.

Action Bricolage offers its range of bending springs with protective covering for handles, to bend your copper tubes without breaking or crushing with ease.

Discover also our range of springs to bend the tubes PER and Multilayer as well as our single bending pliers or pliers in kit form.

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Bending pliers to properly bend copper tubes

To easily make angles on copper tubes and crowns, you must use bending pliers. This plumbing tool is very easy to handle. In addition, it allows to obtain an impeccable rendering. On the DIY Action page, it comes in different models to meet your expectations. But before presenting them, it is necessary to show you how to successfully bend a copper pipe.

How to use bending pliers?

In order not to miss the shot, the bend area must be annealed first. Then, you have to pass the torch to turn the bake red. The flame should be moved until the copper changes color. Then, you have to engage the bar in the bending pliers and tilt the lever. The next step is to adjust the zero point opposite the desired mark. And finally, you have to take out the tube.

The Ø10 x 12 mm bending pliers for annealed copper tubes

One of the best products at Action Bricolage is the Ø10 x 12 mm bending pliers. It is the ideal tool for bending annealed copper tubing. It is equipped with a graduated alloy head that allows direct bending of the tube, and it also has a steel arm and an ergonomic handle. Its bending capacity is rated at 180° and its length is 310 mm. It should be noted that this bending pliers are available in different models. On the DIY Action page, you can find an Ø8 x 10 mm bending pliers, a Ø12 x 14 mm bending pliers and a Ø14 x 16 mm bending pliers. These bending pliers are easy to recognize by their red heads, black arms and blue or black handles.

The professional bending pliers for copper pipes

To bend copper pipes like a pro, you might want to consider the pro copper pipe bender. This plumbing tool is effective in treating both hardened copper tubing and annealed copper tubing. It stands out for its quality, its lightness and its resistance, and it allows to obtain a very satisfactory result. Thanks to its square profile, it allows tightening with a vice. And its graduated head also allows direct tube bending. This bending pliers have long, staggered arms, an ergonomic handle and a 180° bending capacity and is compatible with different tube sizes: 265 mm, 330 mm or 370 mm.

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