Discover in this section our range of tools for drilling during
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Action Bricolage offers you its selection of high quality diamond crowns individually or in a box.

Also discover its cutting guide, ideal to avoid moving the hole saw when drilling.

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Plumbing: what tools and instruments to drill?

While making a small hole in a delicate material can be done using a drill and a bit, drilling a circular opening of large diameter in a very hard material requires a powerful machine from the manufacturer. type perforator, drill or core drill equipped with a diamond crown. It is for this reason that we offer on this page an interesting range of diamond core bits and also an efficient drilling tool that can simplify your tasks during your plumbing work.

FORAGRES WET diamond core bits for wet drilling

Action Bricolage effectively provides you with sets of diamond crowns made by a good brand and offering better value for money. FORAGRES WET diamond core bits for wet drilling, for example, are ultra-resistant parts that allow wet drilling all delicate and very hard materials: granite, marble, enamelled stoneware, porcellanato stoneware, terrazzo, porcelain stoneware, slate, bathtub enamelled cast iron, composite materials such as polyester or fiberglass, etc. These diamond crowns can be used both horizontally and vertically and they can be mounted on a drill of 500 W or more.

The FORAGRES WET diamond core set for drilling

In addition, there is also the set of FORAGRES WET diamond drill bits for drilling. This is a pack consisting of high quality diamond drill bits. It combines the most common dimensions including Ø 6/8/10 and 18 mm and it is offered at a very competitive price. The diamond drill bits in question are ideal for making perfect cuts on hard and delicate materials. They are made for wet drilling and can be mounted on a cordless drill of 500 W minimum and therefore from 1000 to 2500 revolutions per minute.

The Handi Vice portable vice

In addition to diamond crowns, you can also find the Handi Vice portable vice at Action Bricolage. It is the ideal tool for quickly cutting, sawing or drilling material. It is very easy to transport since it is light and portable. This allows you to take it everywhere with you, whether on the job site, in your workshop or at home. Other than that, it doesn't require a workbench or installation, just a solid, stable surface to put it on. To use it, just hold it with one hand and saw with the other. Which also means that this Handi Vice portable vice is suitable for both novice plumbers and professionals alike.

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