Pliers and wrenches

Our range of wrenches and pliers for all your plumbing work is available in this section.

Action Bricolage offers you its pipe clamps, stillson pipe wrench, rubber  strap wrench and chain pipe wrench to tighten and loosen small and large pipes in copper or PVC. Also find our crimping pliers and single pipe benders or pipe bending kit to work your copper, PVC, PER and multilayer pipes. And all the tools needed to assemble and disassemble your pipes, washbasins, radiators and mixers.

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The best tools to assemble and disassemble your plumbing equipment

Wrenches and pliers are some of the essential tools for doing DIY and plumbing jobs. Not only do they allow the assembly and disassembly of plumbing equipment such as pipes, sinks, mixers and radiators, but some of them are also effective for bending tubes and pipes and for other important operations. On the DIY Action page, you can find different types of better and inexpensive wrenches and pliers, of which here are some examples.

The keys

The disassembly key for the mixer aerator

First of all, you must start with the dismantling key for the mixer aerator. It is a quality tool that can guarantee you efficiency and time savings. It is used to tighten and loosen valve aerators and it can also tighten and loosen radiator nuts. It is available in different sizes at Action Bricolage: 22, 24 and 28 mm.

The black flat key

To remove your radiators, you can turn to the black flat key. It is the ideal tool for tightening and loosening hex nuts. In addition, it comes in different sizes (17, 22, 25, 28 and 32 mm) and is one of the professional quality products.

The telescopic sink wrench for flat nut

In addition, there is also the telescopic basin wrench for the flat nut. It's a must-have tool when changing your faucets, as it can be used to tighten and loosen nuts and fittings in sinks, tubs and bidets. Other than that, it’s very practical and it’s perfect for working in hard to reach spaces.

The durable rubber strap wrench

The last wrench to lift is the heavy duty rubber strap wrench 10 to 170mm in diameter. This tool allows you to tighten and loosen large pipes without damaging your materials and it stands out with its strap that adapts to irregular shapes.

The clamps

The Griptou PRCI pliers

When it comes to pliers, one of Action Bricolage's bestsellers is the Griptou PRCI pliers. It is an effective tool for tightening and loosening large nuts, drains, bungs and hard-to-reach sleeves. It offers 4 adjustment positions and a large capacity from 18 to 70 mm in diameter.

The box for crimping and connecting the PER tubes

Finally, you should present the box for crimping and connecting the PER tubes. This is a high quality kit consisting of a mechanical pliers with sheathed handles, 3 jaw adapters, 2 end caps, a flaring pliers and a PER and PVC tube cutter. It is complete and practical and it costs only 59 euros.

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