Pipe cutters

Discover our range of pipe cutters in this section for your plumbing work.

Find here are professional quality cutters at low prices. The ideal material for working on copper, PVC, PER and Multilayer pipes.

Discover the ratchet tube cutter for working in very difficult to access spaces or the pipe cutter with a retractable reamer on its handle.

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Which pipe cutter to cut your plumbing pipes?

The pipe cutter is one of the essential tools in plumbing and sanitation. It is mainly used for cutting tubes and pipes and it can save your time while making your tasks easier. At Action DIY, you can find different types of pipe cutters, including: ratchet pipe cutters that allow you to work in very hard to reach spaces and pipe cutters equipped with a retractable reamer on their handle.

The ratchet tube cutter 8 to 29 mm

Taking for example the case of the 8 to 29mm ratchet pipe cutter, it is an efficient tool for cutting annealed copper pipes in hard to reach places. It only requires low travel and is offered at a very competitive price.

The PVC pipe cutter Ø1 to 42 mm special PVC and PER

If you are looking for a professional quality product, you can opt for the PVC pipe cutter Ø1 to 42 mm special PVC and PER. This tool is perfect for plumbing work, as it guarantees a fast, burr-free perpendicular cut of the pipes. As its name suggests, it has a cutting capacity of 1 to 42 mm in diameter and it also stands out for its high gear ratio due to its rack.

The pipe cutter with Ø3 to 28 mm reamer for copper pipes

Also, be aware that one of Action DIY's bestsellers at the moment is the Ø3-28mm Reamer Pipe Cutter for Copper Tubes. This tool is easy to recognize thanks to its G-shape and it can really make plumbing enthusiasts happy because it allows you to cut copper tubes like a pro. In terms of dimensions, its replaceable wheel measures 18 mm in diameter, its bore is 3 mm and its thickness is 5 mm.

The Ø3 to 22 mm mini tube cutter for annealed copper tubes

But the list does not end there, Action DIY also provides you with a Ø3 to 22 mm mini pipe cutter for annealed copper pipes. Very compact, this tool allows you to cut the tubes even if they are already installed. In addition, it has a replaceable tungsten carbide wheel and is offered at an affordable price. The super pro 3 to 32 mm pipe cutter for annealed copper pipes The last product to lift is the 3 to 32mm super pro tubing cutter for annealed copper tubing. It's a reamer model that promises flawless work. It has a telescopic thumb wheel sleeve that allows for quick adjustment of cutting capacity and comes with a spare wheel in the knurled knob.

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