Drain cleaner

All drain cleaners are available in this section for your plumbing work.

From the classic suction cup cleaner to the retractable drain cleaner for optimal cleanliness, here you will find the tool that suits you the most. Discover also the vacuum pump unblocker which allows you to send air under pressure to effectively unclog your pipes. Professional quality tooling ranges at a low price.

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The best tools to unclog your pipes

Are you looking for an effective tool to efficiently unclog your pipes? Hold the line ! You are on the right page. Action Bricolage provides you with an interesting range of unblockers to help you solve your plumbing problems like a pro. Our products are of better quality, and they are inexpensive.

The Ø9 mm crank rod unblocker

Taking for example the case of the Ø9 mm crank rod unblocker, it is the ideal tool to solve a blocked toilet problem. It is quick and easy to use since it allows you to remove the caps in a single gesture. You can also use it to clean your toilets, because in fact, its crank makes rotating work easy. Note that this unblocker is equipped with an anti-corrosion metal spring, a tip in the form of a tendril and a hanging ring that simplifies its transport and storage.

The compressed air unblocking gun with suction cups of different diameters

In addition to this crank rod unblocker, there is also the compressed air unblocker gun with suction cups of different diameters. This device is specially designed to solve the problem of blocked pipes without getting your hands dirty. It is very practical and easy to use, and it is supplied with 4 interchangeable suction cups of 5, 6, 11.5 and 20 cm in diameter. With this professional grade instrument, you can ensure a job that is clean and well done.

The 5 M unblocker with crank handle and steel crampon tip

In addition, the 5 M unblocker with crank handle and steel crampon must also be lifted. This is one of the best solutions for effectively unclogging pipes. It is very easy to use thanks to its crank handle and its crampon tip allows you to attach and remove the cap. It also has a very flexible galvanized steel cable and is suitable for pipes from 30 to 100 mm in diameter. The clean drum unblocker Ø15 mm long 4.60 M But the list does not end there, there is still the Ø15 mm long 4.60 M clean drum unblocker. It is a better alternative to avoid the use of harsh chemicals. It allows you to quickly and easily unclog sinks, showers, sinks and toilets and comes with an ergonomic "pistol" resin handle.

The strap unblocker

Finally, you should finish with the strip unblocker, another model of unblocker that allows easy, quick and proper use. This tool has a real and a stiffer shank. Which makes it more effective than traditional unblockers. Apart from that, it can go further thanks to its 6 M length.

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