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The brand La Carrelette® is now used in everyday language to describe a tile cutter. However, this was originally the name given to this tile cutter by PRCI in the 1970s.

In fact, PRCI, the manufacturer of tiling and plumbing tools marketed this tool in the 1970s and then registered the name as a trademark.

Thus, even if this term is generally used by all, the only and unique Carrelettes® belongs to the company PRCI.

Patented for their innovation, we invite you to discover them in this section.

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What solution to cut your tiling manually?

You want to redo the floor of your interior, why not put tiles? Fairly easy to maintain material, it is ideal for your kitchen or bathroom. But how to cut your tiling manually? We will give you a part of the answer.

The tile, the manual tile cutter

To cut your tiling, we offer the manual tile cutter, a tool that has many advantages. Indeed, the manual tile cutter is ideal for earthenware or stoneware tiles, thicknesses up to 10 mm. In addition, after a few cuts, its use becomes childishly simple. It is the ideal tool for small rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and even hallways.

How to use a tile?

The manual tile cutter is also very practical for straight or 45° cuts. And know that by using it, you will not have to worry about cleanliness because it does not generate dust. As the name suggests, the manual tile cutter does not require an electrical connection and is an ideal solution for budding DIY enthusiasts. Not being electric, it makes no annoying noise to your neighborhood. In conclusion, if you want to lay and cut your tiles yourself, opt for a manual tile cutter. Both easy to use and practical, it is the ideal tool to redo the floor of your small rooms, and which remains quite inexpensive with prices starting from 25 euros and up to 150 euros for PRO models, the most efficient.

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