Plumbing Tools

Discover our range of tools for plumbing installation in this section

Pliers, pipe cutters, drain cleaners, keys, plumbing box sets and many other tools are available to assist you in all your work.

Action Bricolage is pro equipment at low prices, so do not hesitate to order.


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Which tools to choose for plumbing?

Do you want to do plumbing work, or repairs, but you do not know what to use as material? We offer a wide range of plumbing tools to carry out your various jobs and work with the right tools. You will find tools, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, on our site, such as the set of crimping pliers for multilayer tubes at €169. Our product range is extremely wide, and of very high quality. With our professional equipment, you can undertake all types of work without any worries.

The list of essential tools for plumbing

First, you will need a key, we offer at least 7 different ones: chain wrench, strap wrench, sink wrench ... nothing can resist you with our equipment. Plumbing installation necessarily requires a variety of tools such as the test pump, which will allow you to test the pressure and thus detect leaks more quickly. After all, aren't leaks a plumbers' nightmare? But plumbing is also the latest generation of tools. To see more clearly in the pipes, you will find the professional inspection camera with its transport case. This real technological gem will allow you to check previously inaccessible areas, over a length of 1 m, using an LCD screen. And how do you do without the famous rubber suction cup, to unclog sinks, showers and washbasins, at only 3 euros 50? Finally, for the less courageous, there is the vacuum pump, very practical with its ergonomic handle.

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