Diamond blades

All our diamond blades for electric tile cutters

Find here all our diamond blades for Electric Tile Cutters.

Diamond blades with continuous rim for wet cutting. Diamond blades for dry cutting with flange.

Blades for general use or for glass or stoneware cuts exclusively.

To bevel, chamfer, adjust or cut all kinds of materials such as porcelain stoneware, hard ceramics, granite, marble, metallic tiles, glass paste, tile and brick.

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Diamond discs for correctly cutting different types of tiles

Using a tile is good, but using a tile with a good diamond blade is even better. The electric tile cutters currently available on the market are not in fact equipped with the same type of diamond blade. Therefore, they do not achieve the same cutting results. To bevel, fit, chamfer and cut different types of materials, you need to choose the right diamond discs. Hence the interest in presenting to you on this page the best diamond blades on the market.

The 180 or 200 mm water-filled diamond disc

First, you have to start with the 180 or 200 mm wet diamond blade. It is the ideal accessory for cutting all types of tiles, earthenware, marble, stoneware, ceramic, reconstituted stone and granite. It is durable and has a continuous rim and guarantees good cut quality with its 30mm bore and 25.4mm and 22.2mm bushings.

The 125 and 230 mm dry diamond disc with flange

Then there is the 125 and 230 mm dry diamond disc with flange. It is the perfect tool for chamfering, beveling, trimming and cutting tiles. It is segment-free, which means there is no risk of breakage or tearing. It also allows direct mounting on a grinder, it ensures a clean and economical cut.

The special porcelain stoneware diamond disc

In addition, you can also find a special porcelain stoneware diamond disc on this site. It’s a super rugged model that can last a very long time. It is professional grade and measures 110mm in diameter for a 22.2 / 16mm bore. It is suitable for wet cuts only and its reduction rings make it compatible with any electric tile cutter.

The COUPELEC 180 mm or 200 mm diamond disc

Still talking about diamond discs for electric tile cutters, the COUPELEC 180 mm or 200 mm model is also a better alternative for easily cutting tiles. It is a robust and efficient disc offered by a brand specializing in the design and marketing of electric tiles. The 180 mm disc is compatible with the Carrelec T180, the Coupelec Mastercut, the Coupelec Millenium and the Coupelec Premium. And the 200mm disc fits Ariane Radiale 200-620mm, Ariane Radiale 200-720mm and Carrelec Radiale.

The 200 mm Turbo diamond disc

Finally, there is the 200mm Turbo diamond disc. This is suitable for both dry and wet cuts and is made for general use, that is, for cutting and treating different types of tiles. Its bore is 22.2mm, its rotational speed is 7600 rpm, its blade thickness is 3mm, and its blade height is 7.5mm.

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