Tiler tools

Find all the material for laying tiles in this section

All the professional equipment that you need to install your tiles is in this section. Our range of products consists of tools suitable for all types of tiles: natural stone (granite, slate, marble), clay / earthenware (terracotta) and sandstone tiles.

 Find our combs and glue knives, levelling clips, tiling tampers, knee pads, joint kit, sponges, mixers and many other professional tools, always at low prices.

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What tools to lay your tiling?

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, to be able to lay the tiles yourself in good conditions, you must have the right tools.

Measuring tools

They are essential in the installation of tiling. The measuring and layout tools are a great help in preparing the ground before laying your tiles. Usually, they are made up of a chalk line, a pencil and a mason ruler to check the flatness of your floor. You can also use a square if you want to have diagonal tiles.

The essential tools for cutting

Once your first measurements are done, you will move on to cutting your tiles. For it, we advise you to bring a tile or a tile cutter. The latter can be manual or electric depending on the size of your work. The tile pliers, but also the ceramic clamp and the grinder will complement your tile, essential tools to always have by your side, for your cutting operations.

Installation tools

The installation is the last step of your work and to be sure not to miss you, we will advise you to equip yourself with the right tools. For this you will need braces, a tiler bat, a mallet, a vibrating machine, spatulas and a floor squeegee. Here are the essentials of the tools to have for the installation of its tiling. In order to also work in a more comfortable position, we recommend that you equip yourself with a pair of knee pads that will protect your knees.

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