Electric tile cutter

Discover our selection of electric tile cutters and “Carrelettes”

On the one hand, you will find Bridge Saws, pivoting cutting head with multiple functions. They are set up on a stand and can cut large, compact tiles, which can be very thick and irregular.  Amongst these materials there is marble, refractory brick, terra-cotta. 

On the other hand, the Coupelec Mastercut, Coupelec Millenium, Coupelec Power Plus and Carrelec T180 electric tile cutters. The cutting length for these type of machines is unlimited. To help you in your choice of electric tile cutter, you can consult the articles in our blog "Which electric tile cutter to choose" or "choose your tile cutter, electric or manual"


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How to choose the right electric tile cutter?

Cutting your tiling manually is good, but once you discover the joys of an electric tile cutter, you will not be able to do without it.

Choosing the right electric tile cutter

To be used, an electric tile cutter of course requires electricity but also water. Indeed, the latter ensures good lubrication and cooling of the diamond disc. Suddenly, it will be able to cut without a hitch and without dust, any type of materials. It is the essential tool for all your important and long-term jobs. Prices vary depending on your use and budget, the most popular PRO models efficient can cost in the 150 euros.

Which tool to choose to cut the tile?

To choose a good electric tile cutter, check if it allows you to cut even the thickest tiles. If so, it can be used on all definition job sites and the harshest materials will not stand up to it. The best tools have a protective cover to ensure optimum safety during use. Finally, it is the ideal tool for your wall tiles, your interior floor tiles or exteriors, and even for high density tiles. A good tip, be careful and plan a few extra tiles, so you can get your hands on the use of the equipment. So don't hesitate for a second, and before to start your work, purchase an electric tile cutter.

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